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The EQ Radio

"The following is an except from my upcoming book, The EQ Shinobi."

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Release date: May 1, 2017

A popular theory on brain wave activity is the idea that human brains are little Wi-Fi devices, that are constantly broadcasting subconscious emotions within our immediate proximity, and other brains near ours are downloading those emotional cues and processing them subconsciously. Essentially, this creates one larger social brain, which is comprised of everyone that is within immediate proximity of each other. That has always been an interesting, yet unproven theory, until now.

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an “EQ Radio”, which is a radio that can detect human emotions using wireless signals. The radio measures subtle changes in heart rhythm and breathing and associates those signals to emotional states. The radio broadcasts signals toward individuals and uses the reflections of those signals to measure heartbeat intervals, measuring differences in times of stress, arousal, happiness, or sadness (MIT, 2016).

The researchers claim that the radio can sense emotions in others at 70% accuracy (humans can only identify their own emotions at a 36% success rate). This research is revolutionary, since it not only can identify emotions as they happen within individuals at twice the accuracy rate, but it can highlight to others what the emotional states of others currently are. Knowing what we know about emotions and decision making, having an ability to see the emotional states of others has infinite application.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2016). Detecting emotions with wireless signals: Measuring your heartbeat and breath, device can tell if you’re excited, happy, angry, or sad. ScienceDaily.

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