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We serve a global list of clients in all areas of government, technology, professional sports, and small business. Some of the most successful organizations and powerful teams are PSYNDESIS customers.


Here are a few of our current projects 

Creating a Balanced Scorecard for a Fortune 500 IT company's "Internet Of Things" Strategy

Managing change

for upcoming digital transformation for over $3 Trillion in yearly revenue

Leadership development and emotional intelligence coaching for the Grizzly Squadron

Creating sales enablement processes and training for a Fortune 500 IT company

Personality assessment for millennial talent acquisition program


Andre G., Department of Defense

We hired PSYNDESIS to provide consultancy on financial theory and to create group performance processes. Dan's leadership and executive coaching skills helped align our organizational climate to industry best practices and promote a culture of growth and success for our employees. Would definitely hire his company again.

Royce C., ICF International


We hired Psyndesis to help design on-boarding systems for new employees and create processes to maximize worker performance. His methods and applications of industry best practice boosted our employee survey scores to industry highs. The ROI he delivers is incredible!

Scott U., Deltek

We were looking for an organizational behavior and human capital consultant and Psyndesis came highly recommended. In less than 180 days, he was able to boost employee motivation over 47% based on baseline and post survey data. Their contributions have delivered 20x the ROI and have directly contributed to a more profitable business.

Dan is an extremely sharp and professional leader, with an entrepreneurial spirit that enables him to tackle many different types of challenges and get to the root of the issues. What really stands out to me the most is his contagious energy. In a large biz ops meeting with 150 people in the room I observed a lack of energy and focus, until it was Dan's turn to lead the conversation. His energy enlivened the whole room and created a buzz that remained in place through the end of the meeting. As I've worked closely with Dan, I've seen him consistently invigorate small teams and large, while creating innovative solutions. I've been consistently impressed and as a result enjoy working with him any time.

Tony G., Google

Data Center FP&A


It's been a pleasure working with Dan on array of projects. He is very determined, intelligent, and has outstanding leadership abilities. Dan provided great value to Tandberg on numerous projects and helped streamline and ensure project completion. He has a very impressive educational background and withholds great skills. I highly recommend Dan and know that he will succeed in any job role. In addition to his IT background, Dan is also an Entrepreneur focusing on technical writing services and has superb technical writing abilities.

Neil M., Cisco Systems

Dan is exceptional program manager. He is very efficient in what he does, my requests are treated promptly and professionally and he goes above and beyond what is asked of him. I am honored to work with such remarkable businessman.

Jason B., Compass Business Solutions

The one thing I can say about Dan is that he is very responsive to any needs that our company may require.

Dan is a proven leader, talented manager and an invaluable asset to any project he undertakes.

Alian L., VTC Collaboration

Ali A., Deloitte

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