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now a part of Psyndesis

Award winning

Virtual and On-site workshops for:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Performance Acceleration

  • Talent Interventions

  • Change Management

  • Succession Planning

  • Personality Derailer Awareness

  • Ninja Tactics

What Are People Saying?

THE Latest International Workshop

Location - Berlin, germany

A Leadership Development Workshop, that focused on:

  • Team Building

  • Team Communication and Forming

  • Psychological Assessment of Team Performance

  • Leadership Behavior Reinforcement

  • Breaking into Euro Fashion Week Uninvited

Leadership Development Workshops

We have developed workshops in over 17 countries for global companies, let's get started!

Team Performance Acceleration

Group Personality assessments to determine groupthink and group polarization within your teams!

Organizational Development & Design

Let's discuss your organizational effectiveness needs and how we can manage your transformation

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