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Think on Purpose
Using Your Mind to Break Free from Anxiety and Depression

This book identifies five domains which block our ability to think on purpose: Inner Passivity, Inner Aggression, Locus of Control, Cognitive Distortion, and Emotional Distortion. You will learn how each of these affects your ability to think on purpose and you will be able to take an assessment which identifies the levels of these five domains within you.  Written by Dan Green.


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The EQ Shinobi
Advanced Applications of Emotional Intelligence to Modern Business

This is a practical guide that shows coaches, consultants, managers, team leaders, and company executives how to apply advanced Emotional Intelligence concepts to modern business. It is for the Emotional Intelligence novice who wishes to learn about what this wonderful world has to offer and for the advanced practitioner who wants to become an expert in Emotional Intelligence business application. Written by Dan Green.


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The Art of Modern War

A book that takes an ancient text and merges it with the modern day battleground...corporations. This book is used as a basis for Psyndesis consulting and is a great read. Written by Dan Green.


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The Emotional Intelligence of Managers &
The Effect on Virtual Workers

A study on the relationship of the emotional intelligence of managers in a Fortune 500 company and the effect on employee engagement. 


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IO Shinobi's Shapeshifter

A randomly-timed newsletter bringing you the most up-to-date Dilly Do Danks. View our historical newsletters here and be sure to join our subscriber list to receive the latest editions.

Shinobi’s Shapeshifter™ was started with the hope that others would develop a love for psychology in the workplace and see the cool things you can accomplish when you utilize it. It contains the latest corporate mind tricks, what’s going on with the IO Shinobi and Psyndesis, and showcases Shinobi’s #1 Ninja – someone whose recent progression is worth sharing with the world. Please share with others and learn the modern art of workplace manipulation. 

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Organizational Behavior in 99 Seconds

A super fast overview of what Organizational Behavior is and its importance.

Webinars, Podcasts and Other Recordings

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Leading Organizational Change with Emotional Intelligence

"Across The Board" Podcast with Dr. Antonio Harrison

Magazine and Journal Publications

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Team Acceleration - Training Industry Magazine

Using Emotional Intelligence to Change the Unchangeable

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