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Now organizations can develop leaders at half the cost and twice the effectiveness

Psyndesis has partnered

with Mursion!

Psyndesis has partnered with Mursion to bring you the first ever VR offering for Emotional Intelligence. Research confirms that virtual avatars can be powerful motivators to change human behavior. Studies show that simulations are more effective than other instructional methods, because they simultaneously engage trainees’ emotional and cognitive processes. 

Virtual reality simulations for learning will soon be ubiquitous. With Mursion’s customized simulation platform, corporations can start transitioning to this powerful new training method today. VR-based simulations offer:

  • An engaging, efficient, and safe way to learn by doing

  • Practical experiences to integrate new skills into daily routines

  • A window into the performance capacity of a global workforce

  • The ability to assess whether learners can effectively implement essential interpersonal techniques

  • Easy-to-capture analytics that can inform future training plans

  • A customizable platform to dramatically improve how corporations deliver training for sales enablement and leadership development


Virtual simulations enable corporations to take live actor role-playing, a training method once reserved for only those at the C-level, to lower rungs in the organizational chart. Applications for this technology are numerous. Simulations can be delivered in workshops, virtual settings, online courses, or re-engagement exercises at a learner’s desk.

Organizations can save money on travel, while maximizing effectiveness and availability for Emotional Intelligence training. 

The EIVR Development ®

Develop skillful responses to stressful situations and other corporate talent development applications, including: Diversity and inclusion - Help employees discover their own unconscious bias and develop deeper cultural awareness and sensitivity. Sexual harassment - Identify and effectively handle harassment in the workplace. Safety and compliance - Build the communication skills required to regulate fellow team members when crucial safety procedures are not followed. Empathy - Place learners into the shoes of key stakeholders with whom they work, such as customers and subordinates, to develop a deeper sense of empathy and understanding. Screen prospective employees - Assess whether new employees have strong interpersonal skills.

The EIVR Workshop ®

Save money on travel for your employees and your executive coaches. The EIVR Workshop ® ensures that all of your dollars are going toward custom content creation and employee development, not administrative waste. 

The EIVR Coach ®

Let's face it, when it comes to developing critical interpersonal skills, role playing is archaic. It doesn't elicit the same emotions as a real-world scenario, but organizations cannot afford to let employees develop critical skills in situations with high dollar stakes and real implications. The EIVR Coach ® is the way to eliminate the role player, while providing the client with a real-world scenario. Simulate critical conversations • facilitate difficult conversations • conduct performance interventions and coaching • manage interoffice conflict • communicate sensitive messages • deliver effective presentations • adapt interpersonal styles to optimize team performance.

The EIVR Pitch ®

Deliver the Perfect Pitch with virtual role plays and ensure that your sales team is ready for every sales challenge they face. Do your field reps ask the right questions, listen attentively, and have the right responses to tough situations? Research shows that repeated practice builds confidence and expertise, resulting in higher close rates. Train sales executives to: Deepen customer and prospective relationships by asking great questions to understand needs and build rapport and trust • Align and expand product offerings through clear, concise, jargon-free, value-based product explanations • Advance and close sales by responding to and persevering through client objections • Optimize business profitability by implementing best practices in negotiation tactics.

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